AI-generated YouTube Video Tutorials Spreading Infostealer Malware

AI-generated YouTube Video Tutorials Spreading Infostealer Malware

Threat actors have been increasingly observed using AI-generated YouTube Videos to spread a variety of stealer malware such as Raccoon, RedLine, and Vidar.

“The videos lure users by pretending to be tutorials on how to download cracked versions of software such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Autodesk 3ds Max, AutoCAD, and other products that are licensed products available only to paid users,” CloudSEK researcher Pavan Karthick M said.

Just as the ransomware landscape comprises core developers and affiliates who are in charge of identifying potential targets and actually carrying out the attacks, the information stealer ecosystem also consists of threat actors known as traffers who are recruited to spread the malware using different methods.


More ominously, anywhere between five to 10 crack download videos are uploaded to the video platform every hour, with the threat actors employing search engine optimization (SEO) poisoning techniques to make the videos appear at the top of the list.

The development comes amid a surge in new information stealer variants like SYS01stealerS1deload,

StealcTitanImBetterWhiteSnake, and Lumma that are offered for sale and come with capabilities to plunder sensitive data under the guise of popular apps and services.