Mirai Botnet Variant ‘Pandora’ Hijacks Android TVs for Cyberattacks

Mirai Botnet Variant ‘Pandora’ Hijacks Android TVs for Cyberattacks

A Mirai botnet variant called Pandora has been observed infiltrating inexpensive Android-based TV sets and TV boxes and using them as part of a botnet to perform distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

“It is likely that this update has been made available for download from a number of websites, as it is signed with publicly available Android Open Source Project test keys,” the Russian company said in an analysis published Wednesday.

The list of apps is as follows –

  • Latino VOD (com.global.latinotvod)
  • Tele Latino (com.spanish.latinomobile)
  • UniTV (com.global.unitviptv), and
  • YouCine TV (com.world.youcinetv)

The primary targets of the campaign are cheap Android TV boxes such as Tanix TX6 TV Box, MX10 Pro 6K, and H96 MAX X3, which come with quad-core processors from Allwinner and Amlogic, making them an ideal candidate for launching DDoS attacks.

To mitigate such infections, it’s recommended that users keep their devices up-to-date and stick to downloading software only from trusted sources.


Source: https://thehackernews.com/